A Warrior's Journey
by Toti Mendez © 1997

The dust has settled and the silence grows
The field's grass smells as the warm wind blows

As I reflect my mind replays
How long the nights, how long the days

To be a Warrior! My heart beats fast
To hold the world and make it last

And now I know that on that day
How big a challenge would come my way

To wear the green that brings such pride
And stand with Warriors side by side

The journey started long and slow
The work so hard made patience grow

The fear of failing at your game
The pressure mounting in growing pain

But a chance in wind comes quickly one day
When you finally learn the Warriors way

To pledge your mind, your body, your soul
And with God by your side the world you will hold

This journey has ended but it starts again
My roots as a Warrior will be my best friend

If you meet a Warrior look closely and see
Success is his journey and strength his decree