In an effort to prevent unnecessary deaths in college athletes due to sudden cardiac death, the Toti Mendez Foundation was formed. Currently, there is a growing number of athletes both on the state and national level who are dying due to undetected heart ailments. With this in mind, the foundation’s mission and objectives are to implement major checkpoints in the current physical examinations given to athletes to ensure that no heart ailments go undetected. Further, it is a goal of this foundation that all additional and subsequent tests be available no matter what the cost and at a place where confidential information is protected. In other words, protecting the athletes anonymity until a final and exact diagnosis is reached.

An athlete who has reached this level of competition, has dedicated their entire life to the perfection of a sport. Dealing with potentially devastating news, once properly diagnosed is also a top priority with in the foundation. Like Toti, the sense of paralyzing fear, also needs to be addressed. Their mental health and state of mind is important in ensuring that these young men and women go on with their lives and find an alternative sense of purpose. These athletes may also need counseling, compensation and the assurance that their scholarships will be honored. ( See the “23 Scholarship Fund”)

A productive future is a terrible thing to waste.!

Our message is: you are not alone and all that you have sacrificed and worked for was not in vain. We will help you on the road to recovery and to turn the page to a better chapter.

If you would like to participate in the Toti Mendez Foundation or the “23 Fund” either by contributions or donations, please contact:

Maruchi S. Mendez
5080 S.W. 66th Ave.
Miami, Fl. 33155
Tel. (305) 661-5868
Fax. (305) 668-6250
e-mail maruchi2323@aol.com

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